Thomas Sly Moon

Mage/Face Hybrid from NAN territory (Salish-Shidhe)



Walter Bending Smoke – Salish-Shidhe national tribal councilman (5 – connection,5 – Loyalty) Human NAN (Senior Leadership, National influence/Buddy)

Edward Sleeping Rain – “Tribal Outreach” program director in Seattle (2,2) (Small leader, regular)

Lee – Fixer in Seattle: Japanese, 5’ tall (4,2) (Regional Ties, regular)

Peter Carmack – Mr Johnson in Seattle (4,2) (Low Level Johnson, Regular) Human


Thomas was born in the year 2058 to a relatively old couple near the town of Spokane in the Salish-Shidhe territory. He was always very studious in his early years trying to absorb as much information as possible. At an early age, his parents and teachers realized that Thomas possessed the gift of being awakened which enabled him to manipulate the magical powers that helped the tribes gain independence. Though he did show a strange penitent for escaping the house at night to go exploring in the wilderness as well as a few interesting compounds. This brought Thomas his full name as it is today: Thomas Sly Moon. The mischievous side of Thomas proved to be a headache for his parents from the worry caused as well as the few times he was picked up by the local police. Though his parents felt Thomas was overall an intelligent and studious boy, they feared they could not provide the necessary discipline, academic challenges, or sorcery teachings to fully challenge their boy. His father contacted one of his nephews currently in Bellingham by named Walter Bending Smoke. Walter was a very wise and talented mage whom had risen to a position of prominence within the Salish-Shidhe. Feeling pity for his uncle, Walter agreed to take Thomas under his wing. Thomas began studying magic under his cousin, Walter. Though Walter was strict with Thomas, he did allow him some free time on his own in between studies which included NAN politics, biology, and several languages. One full moon night while Thomas was exploring the outskirts of Bellingham, he was playing around with some of the recent magical spells Walter had taught him and a spirit appeared before him. It was the image of a maiden with the full moon peaking over her shoulder as she stared down at him smiling. She reached out and touched Thomas on the right shoulder upon which a tattoo appeared resembling the scene. (A maiden with the image of a full moon encompassed behind her) Somewhat perplexed by this happening, Thomas ran back home to his room. In the morning when Walter inquired to what the tattoo was, Thomas relayed the story. Walter then informed him that he has been favored by the Moon Maiden for his apparently attitude towards life. Walter hypothesized that this must be due to Thomas being able to switch from mischievous and wild one minute to studious and kind the next. After finishing his training in Bellingham, Thomas Sly Moon was searching for the next challenge. To this end, Walter had a place in mind for Thomas. He was to go to Seattle and join the “Salish-Shidhe Tribal & Environmental Outreach” program. Walter thought he would be just the man to start using the outreach program as a bit of a front to do some information gathering and mission running in Seattle for the tribe. To that end, Thomas ended up going to Seattle with contact information for a man named Edward Sleeping Rain. He then settled into the outreach program getting to know the lay of the land. Through doing a couple of runs for cash in the area, Thomas made quick friends with a local Mr Johnson named Peter Carmack. From the extra items Thomas grabbed from these runs, he was also able to make friends with a local Fixer named Mr Lee. He was able to make friends quickly with Mr Lee due to his ability to speak fluent Japanese. Thomas Sly Moon is looking forward to some more adventure in the Seattle area through running for money and potentially missions from Walter Bending Smoke.

Thomas Sly Moon

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