The First Run

Monday January 1st, 2072

Thomas is contacted by Mr. Lee about a potential job opportunity and asked to meet Lee at the Club Penumbra that evening at 6pm. Lee tells him to come back tomorrow night to meet with Mr. Johnson at 6pm.

Tuesday January 2nd, 2072 – The Meeting

Mr. Johnson is a well manicured elf in a nice suit. However, he doesn’t seem very comfortable in his suit and his manners don’t seem to match the corporate suit.

He hires the runners to steal 8 crates full of Ares Predator IVs from a distribution center downtown. The shipment is scheduled to leave the warehouse on January 4th at 7am. After some negotiation Raven talks the Johnson into paying them 180,000 nuyen for the job.

After the meeting the team follows Mr. Johnson and gets his license plate, Salvage hacks the DMV and finds out that license plate is registered to a stolen vehicle. Then he analyzes the data stick they were given and from it he finds an access id.

Wednesday January 3rd, 2072 – The Run

After extensive scouting the team goes back to Tally’s house to plan the run. Salvage hacks into the transportation node of the distribution company. Then he removes the crates from the existing shipment manifest then crafts a false shipment for the following day at 2pm. Finally he crafts a false identity using one of Raven’s fake SINs for the pickup.

Raven and Cap’n show up in a rented van to pick up the shipment. Everything goes off without a hitch. Then they deliver the shipment to Lee and collect their payment.

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